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welcome to yet another self-indulgent rant - this one dedicated to a lad's endeavours to re-acquaint himself, and with his fellow creatures share:


Here's a thought ... is there really so little to consider, evaluate and act upon? Or is that genuine happiness gnawing away at our stomachs every time we tease out the ramifications of the status quo?! Here are a few of my ramblings, i hope and trust they help make a little more sense of things, please let me know should you find it otherwise. In the meant time, don't allow the following facts stray too far from your overall strategy:

Death is NOT waiting for you to fix your life, and at the end of the game, the king and the pawn go back in the same box.

So even if you really are as serious as you like to think you are about this life, then just to make assurance doubly sure, check your soul, psyche, mind, whatever you want to call yourself, for anything you're carrying around that distracts you from your real purpose.

Of course, you'll need to know (or if neccessary, make) yourself to put that purpose to action.

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