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Consider Killing

Consider a daily scenario the world over: XXX was killing one of your colleagues, in open assembly, slowly bashing her to a nauseating pulp of lifeless flesh. XXX's methods of intimidation and exploitation of others secure your livelihood, and like everyone else, despite how fundamentally wrong you knew these actions to be, you were frightened to intervene.

Now, as XXX inflicts the same upon you, you know can count on that same support you gave each other before and with a passion as deep as it is futile, reconcile as best you can your frustration, anger and shame with the knowledge that it is too late in this your final period of existance to raise a finger to support or guide your family and friends in escaping the iniquity your behaviour has invited upon you.

Please, my fellow creatures, please, consider this.

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c r o m w e l l @ h u m a n - i n t e r e s t . o r g

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