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Go away! Stop looking at this web-page!! We're warning you!!!

Go back to your homes! There is nothing to see here. Leave while you can.

Why are you still reading this? Does your work-place policy permit this activity? Did you take all reasonable means to investigate the legality of visiting this web-page? It probably won't suprise you that your IP has been logged and routine investigations instigated automatically with the service provider. I hope you know this will go down on your permanent record, and it's a pretty large file allready! Are you or have you ever been engaged in terrorism related activities? Don't be so sure, we just broadened the definition again. Do you have access to good legal advice? Will they have the required caveats to even visit you and will they wait until your credit clears again?


Don't even think about it, your license photographs are allready circulating airports regional to your ISP.

In accordance with the administrative requirements of the International-Law We've Got You Now Act ammendment of Yesterday, the contents of your hard drive should be uploaded to our servers by now and cross-referenced with all your previous mis-demeanours on our files, we'll just scan them for any further indiscretions you've committed while we're at it. We hardly need frame you with the scope of the new retrospective ammendments to the legislation, but be warned, any attempt to disguise or delete those new incriminating files (... hmmm ... how did that get there?!) is covered separately and severe penalties apply.

Go easy on yourself, let the boys take you away quietly, just for a few standard questions, that'll be them now.

Did you really think you'd get away with it?

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