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Regarding Slavery

The extent to which our lives are devoid of happiness can often be expressed as a measure of that extent to which we have allowed our affairs to be governed with weak will. Mastery of ones own thoughts and actions is merely another way of perceiving and expressing mastery over the conditions of Life and the world itself; and vice-versa.

Mastery is a way of approaching oneself, and the world one is of, most different indeed from slavery. By way of illustration, slaves are definitively bound. For instance, many can not seem to escape the bonds of intoxication induced by the lure of being able to personally possess and controll friends, property, wealth and status. Understandably thus, it is simplicity itself to maintain the lures to control fleets of such creatures to do one's bidding. Those who have mastered themselves though, see through such things and easily perceive who is truly in control and who is being controlled. Such perceptions being so easily within their grasp, masters of themselves tend not to value so highly such baits and are much harder beasts to bend to one's will.

Any element of co-ordination between such beasts, let alone sense of solidarity, may precipitate an effective, if only temporarily so, presentation of alternative aggenda. Slavish creatures can sufficiently enjoy the ensuing games as to be herded, awhiles at least, by other masters. No matter how isolated, brief and innefectual such outbursts ultimately are, such were indeed the beginnings of creating the slave mind-set in the first place. Enough such of these interactions and the hooks are set in the mindset of the slave-fleet. The remaining principles are fundamentals in marketing which i leave as an exercise to the student of world domination.

The fulcrum is where the aggenda presented by other masters is that of self mastery itself.

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